Saturday, May 7, 2016

A Ruffly Bikini

What can I say?  She just looks great.

Striped Mini Dress with Black Boots, 1967

Mom looking adorable.  Me wearing pale blue velvet and being afraid of the upcoming flash of the camera.  Juli in a little dress.

Pretty in Pink 2 - Jackie Kennedy-style suit

A beautiful suit on a beautiful lady.  So pretty.  That jacket neckline is cool.

Hot Leopard Bikini, 1970

Poolside at the apartment building where our family friend "Aunt" Lucy used to live.  Mum looks incredible, of course. 
She usually wore hats in the sun, to prevent sun damage to her face.  Smart, to know that back then.  That's why she looks so good now.

Gaucho Pants and Vest

I think those are called gaucho pants.  I know that I had some (not white - maybe purple) and I was afraid to wear them because no one else in school wore any.  I probably eventually did wear them.

Pretty in Pink - Crop Top and Pink Slacks 1967

Come on, this is so cute.  Pink earrings, lipstick, slacks, and the flower.  She so often looks like a model, to me, in these photos.  So pretty.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Elegant in White?

No date on this photo.  I called it "Elegant in White?" with a question mark, because it's a black and white photo, and I suppose it's possible that the dress could be ivory or a very pale pink or some other color.  Who knows.  I'll bet that Mum knows.  She'll tell me later.
Mum wrote to me yesterday:
"Yes, the black and white picture was a white silk crepe dress that I wore to a party right after you were born.  It was taken just months after I believe and I was extremely thin.  I had spent countless weeks at the hospital and weeks after nursing and concerned for your tiny little body."
I was two months premature, and had only a small chance of survival.  I'm lucky to be alive.  Mum brought breast milk over to the hospital, to me in my incubator.  She saved my life with her love and her care, and I'm so grateful.  Nowadays they save babies even smaller than I was (3 lbs., 14 ounces), but back then the survival rate wasn't as good. 
She also mentioned when I saw her yesterday that the dress had shiny embellishments in the middle section.  I wish we could see those in the photo.] 

Colorful Handmade Dress

Mum is the one on the far right.  I'm pretty sure that she made this dress, because I know she made the matching purse on her arm.  Mum and Nanna used to do a lot of sewing.  I don't know how they did it.  I always found sewing to be too difficult for me.  I guess I don't have the patience.
This photo says it was developed in June of 1970.
Great gams, eh?